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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services
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People who want problems solved properly trust the competence and experience of The Door Professionals in Melrose Park. We are excellent contractors with experience in garage doors but also gates. We offer repair services related to both systems and are trained installers. Our good knowledge of all opener systems can be your guide when you need to choose a new multicode remote or a new operator. We find solutions for your needs and cover them immediately with outstanding services. Our same day repairs and maintenance are the best way to solve everyday problems but we are also here for emergency repairs 24/7. You can count on our teams whenever you need.

Gate Repair Services in Melrose Park

Efficient gate repair by expert technicians
No matter how easy or hard the task is we offer excellent service. As well-trained specialists, we know how to fix problems and deal with odd situations. We are here to answer your questions and offer effective services, like:

Broken driveway gate chain repair
We provide immediate sliding gate chain replacement in case it is broken or seriously damaged. Our technicians also provide repair services in case the chain needs lubrication or it must be adjusted. It might not be too loose or too tight and we make sure it is tensioned properly.

Gate adjustment

We adjust gates by checking and repairing the swing gate hinges and the posts. If the posts sag so will the panels. If the hinges are loose or their welding is ruined, the panel will be dragged on the concrete or dirt. We take care of such problems by tightening the hinges or replacing them if they are ruined or broken. We also make sure the posts are stable and level.

Rolling gate opener service
Openers are vital for automatic operation and every part is checked meticulously by our technicians. That's why we are the best choice for swing gate operator maintenance. We also offer repair services 24/7 and when the problem is very serious and are here to make arrangements for the replacement of the current opener and the installation of the new one. We are excellent opener specialists and trained to perform each service right.

Swing gate hinges welding
We service hinges and fix their problems right away. When the welding is damaged, we'll be there for services. We provide excellent hinge welding repair thanks to our experience and make sure the hinges are perfectly installed and fully support the panels.

Gate intercom system services
We find efficient solutions for the needs of all clients. Whether you reside in a single family home or a gated community, we can come up with great solutions as far as intercoms are concerned. We are experienced with intercom installation and also provide repair services.

Our technicians are dedicated to their work and every task they are assigned with the sole purpose of eliminating problems and ensuring safe entrance for each client. We deal with all sudden problems with great velocity and have 24 hour technicians for all emergency needs. Whenever you need troubleshooting or hinge and track installation, you can rely on the excellence of our teams. We provide full repair services and are aces in what we do. Call us now and we can solve your problems today!

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