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As a leading provider of professional garage door repair services, you can count on our answers to these frequently asked questions we often get from our customers. Our company "Garage Door Repair Melorse Park" handles anything related to these systems, like fixing openers, springs, panels and tracks. Our services also include installation, maintenance and replacement.

What are oil tempered springs?

These are torsion springs made from steel wire which has been dipped into hot oil. The oil acts as a permanent lubricant protecting the coils from wearing and extending the useful life of the component. These springs are best suited for garage doors that are used frequently during the day. With them the panels will require more frequent cleaning as they tend to produce residue during operation.

Why does my garage door make scraping sounds?

This is usually due to broken cable. The component has to be replaced immediately. Avoid operating the door in the meantime to prevent further damage. If you have an extension spring system, the issue could also be the result of worn pulley. The solution involves replacing the component. Less often, the problem is caused by misaligned track. The sections should be aligned and the bolts of the brackets should be tightened.

How do I recognize garage door parts of good quality?

The best parts are made from galvanized steel. It has zinc coating which provides protection from rust and corrosion. Check the thickness of the metal as well. The greater it is the stronger the component is. The thickness is measured in gauge.

Why is my garage door hard to close?

This usually happens when there is too much tension in the torsion spring. It requires adjusting so that it can balance the door perfectly. A less likely cause to this problem is the improper installation of the horizontal tracks. If they are set too low, the door will be difficult to close. In this case, they have to be reinstalled at a higher level.

What are the pros and cons of a wooden garage door?

The natural beauty of these doors is breathtaking and they are quite durable as well. However, they require effective protection from water damage and pests to stay in good condition. You will have to provide a great deal of maintenance. One interesting thing to note is that now there are wooden doors with polystyrene insulation available.

Which is the quietest type of opener?

If you have to choose between chain, screw and belt drive openers, the latter are certainly the quietest. This is because the belt is made from rubber, polyurethane or fiberglass rather than from metal and the friction is much smaller. Now there are innovative direct drive openers which have the small motor unit moving along the track. They are also considered to be very quiet.

When do I replace my garage door opener?

Minor problems in your garage door opener can be fixed. However, it is best to consider replacement when frequent repairs are done, and to take advantage of safety features found in modern door openers, such as safety reversal, noise control, and others.

What happens when my garage door remote malfunctions?

You can check if the batteries simply have to be replaced. If not, remotes can be repaired by garage door repair Melrose Park technicians. If you need to buy a new one, you can contact the manufacturer or select a universal remote control.

Do lift cables require lubrication?

The parts of the cables which are attached to the bottom brackets of the garage door will certainly benefit from lubrication. Just remember to apply only a little bit of light lubricant. The lubricant must be approved or recommended by the door's manufacturer. This is really important according to our experts in garage door repair Melrose Park.

Can I replace the remote or must I replace the opener too?

If the garage door remote is lost, broken, or you simply want to obtain a new one, you don't necessarily have to replace the opener, too. Modern openers can match with a variety of remote clickers and our professionals help you in the process.

What are the differences among torsion and extension springs?

Torsion springs are installed above the door and usually around a shaft. They balance and move the door by spinning and creating torque and are ideal for heavy doors. Extension springs are always in pairs of two and instead they stretch and contract.

Do I have to wait all day for my door to be installed?

Our garage door repair company in Melorse Park has well qualified service technicians who are able to install your new garage door in less than four hours. The door will be completely installed with all of the necessary features.

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