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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Please make sure the garage door company is one you can trust with all of your garage door needs. You need a company you can trust to do the best job possible at the best prices. You also need a company you can depend on. At Door Professionals in Melrose Park we are always here to take your call and will come to your location as soon as we can. In most cases we will do a same day garage door service for you. We are the garage door company for you. We will never let you down. Just call us and tell us what kind of garage door service it is that you need.

Garage Door Springs

One of the services we do here at Door Professionals in Melrose Park is our garage door springs service. We can never stress enough to our customers and whoever else will listen is the importance of no one but a trained professional should ever try and do any repairs or replacements of these springs. Our techs have been well trained in taking care of these garage door springs safely and efficiently. There are 2 types of springs. There are extension garage door springs and torsion coil trampoline springs. Though they are both dangerous to replace the garage door torsion springs replacement is the worst. Please call us and ask for help with these springs. We will gladly come out right away and keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you need an extension springs repair or a torsion garage door spring repair please call and let us do the service for you.

Both of these springs can also come galvanized. The galvanized garage door torsion springs or galvanized extension springs are just springs that have a special coating on them. This coating protects the springs from rust and looks great hanging on your garage door. Ask us at Door Professionals in Melrose Park about the galvanized springs when you call.

Overhead door springs are something we supply also. We even have Oil Tempered garage door springs. There is more than one spring in a set so remember if one of the spring breaks you will need to replace them all. All it takes is a phone call to our garage door company and for you to say you have a garage door broken spring.

We will take great care of your garage door springs but this is not the only garage door service we will do for you. If you have any other part on the garage door that needs a repair, we are also the company for you. From replacing the garage door rubber to repairing a cable that has come loose from the drum, we do it all.

Our garage door contractor even can supply and install the garage door itself. We have some beautiful traditional and modern looking garage doors. There are wooden doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, glass doors and Craftsman doors. There are many varieties and styles to choose from. Choose the door that is right for you and we will come install it for you.

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