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Haven't you ever dreamed that you could find the right garage door company to provide you with the best garage door service? If so, you can stop dreaming because Door Professionals in Melrose Park can turn your dream into a reality. Welcome to a garage door company that cares, one that provides only the very best in garage door service no matter what problem you might be having with your garage door. Our garage door contractor is dedicated to bringing our customers the best garage door service possible, and the level of professionalism that we put into everything we do is truly the thing that sets us apart from all the rest. We will explain our many services with depth and hopefully you will have a much better idea of what it is that we do best, garage door service. It is our mission to make sure our customers are satisfied with our performance, and that means exceeding your expectations.

When Are Experts When it comes to Broken Springs

Garage Door Service in Melrose ParkWe provide broken spring repair for garage door springs such as Extension springs, Torsion springs, and Galvanized garage door springs. Garage door springs go under quite a bit of stress so the need for repair or replacement is always in high demand. Let our professional garage door company take care of all your garage door spring needs.

Another part of the garage door that we are qualified to service is the garage door opener. These devices are the machines that power the open/close operations of your garage door. They come in three main types, Belt drive, Chain drive, and Screw drive. Belt drives are the most popular because of the quietness of their operation, yet are also more expensive then the other types. Chain drives use a chain pulley system and that makes them slightly louder in operation, yet reduces cost. Finally, Screw drive systems use a very loud mechanism to operate the garage door and this makes them the cheapest and generally most common type of garage door opener. The Door Professionals are highly skilled in the repair and replacement of all types of garage door opener, as well as garage door openers troubleshooting. We carry many popular brands of garage door opener in case of a replacement need such as:

* Genie garage door opener

* Liftmaster garage door opener

* Chamberlain garage door opener

* Craftsmen garage door opener

* Sears garage door opener

* Marantec garage door opener

* Allister garage door opener

Another of our popular services includes the servicing of garage door remote. These wonderful devices allow remote controlled opening and closing of your garage door. You can't ask for much more then being able to open your garage door as you pull into your driveway. This eliminates having to get out of your car, open the garage door, and then get back in to pull into your garage; only to have to close the garage door. Our professional garage door contractor can repair and replace as well as perform maintenance on any of these popular types of garage door remote:

    Liftmaster Security +
    Genie Intellicode
    Multi Code

One of the services we offer that is sometimes overlooked is our garage door maintenance / adjustments. It has often been the case that a simple maintenance / adjustment job saved our customers from a much costlier repair later on. For this reason we highly recommend letting our professional technicians perform maintenance / adjustments on your garage door and its many working parts to ensure proper operation as well as longevity. Our garage door company also provides much needed regularly maintenance lubrication to keep all the parts in check.

Need a new garage door altogether? Or maybe you need a garage door window replaced? We can certainly help with either of those services. We offer a very professional garage door replacement / installation as well as garage door window replacement to all of our customers. We can replace any kind of garage door or window, as well as repair them if need be. Of the many different kinds of garage doors there are, we carry only the best garage door types for replacement like:

    Wood garage door
    Aluminum garage door
    Steel garage door
    Craftsmen garage door
    Glass garage door

Although we offer a wide variety of garage door services to our customers in, one of the things we do best is garage door repair. Here at Door Professionals in Melrose Park we are able to service and repair any kind of garage door with no exceptions. Here is a list of repair services that our company is able to provide:

  •     Door off track
  •     Broken emergency release
  •     Replace section of garage door
  •     Weather strip
  •     Bottom garage door rubber

Of the many services we offer, garage door cables and tracks replacement and installation is probably the one we specialize the most in, as it is the most common need for garage doors. However, we have put together a list to highlight all of our repair services as follows:

  • Snapped Cable
  • Bent Garage door track repair
  • Loose Cables
  • Cable came off drum
  • Broken Cables
  • Garage track replacement

Anytime you find yourself in need of only the best in garage door service, look no further then Door Professionals in Melrose Park.

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